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A brand new company but with a long history as it is born from the union of two companies with more than 20 years’ experience in the field: PET Engineering and COMEP.

After 20 years of experience between PET Engineering and Comep, Competek was born. A European world-class supplier for molds and line conversions to accommodate our demanding customer needs through the wide portfolio of unique bottle designs through packaging development , in-house state-of-the-art testing and prototyping.

Packaging Optimization

Packaging Optimization

Optimizing your packaging means reducing the quantity of raw materials used for the production without compromising the overall performance of the bottle. Thanks to our certified laboratory we’re able to analyze your existing packaging and detect possible areas of intervention. One of the best way to reduce the use of resources involved in the production, is adopting a Lightweight concept. Lightweight is a design criterion, a sustainable solution supported by fine engineering skills to reduce the weight in every single section of the bottle, without impacting on the overall performance and considering your production line requirements. When developing a lightweight bottle it is indeed important to have clear in mind the production process and bottle life cycle. In more than 20 years we’ve been able to develop a set of procedures and tests to deliver our customer light yet performing bottles. Thanks to Supervent and other technologies, reducing also energy consumption and save on blowing costs is easier than ever.
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Energy Saving

Energy Savings

Our packaging experts and engineers are in line with the latest industry developments, acquiring specific know-how to support you and your company in facing all the challenges and transformations you meet. Our solutions are targeted at optimizing your packaging processes, reducing costs and material waste.

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Reduced Pressure

Low-Pressure Base and the Super Vented Mould technologies make it possible to obtain significant pressure reductions and energy savings with an optimised venting system between the bottle and the mould cavity. These technologies are also the opportunity to reduce the weight of your bottle, while reinforcing its stability. Thanks to faster air exhaust, the application of PET on the mould is more precise, for improved bottle resistance.

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Less Lubrication

Initially made of stainless steel, a wear ring made from a self-lubricating material has been developed by COMEP experts. This innovation does not require any application of lubricant, leading to fewer machine stoppages for maintenance and less waste of grease. By using a lighter material, the total weight of the mould is reduced, facilitating higher production speed.

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RPET and Tethered Cap

Tethered cap

Along with RPET, another important change that will help to reduce the impact of plastic bottles in the world is the adoption of the Tethered cap. Specifically, this solution will keep the cap attached to the bottle throughout its lifecycle preventing the release into the environment. We manage the majority of the machines on the market, so we can provide comprehensive solutions for your plant helping you save time and costs. Our Tethered cap service includes: Analysis of the best tethered cap option Optimization of your bottle neck finish to adopt the new cap Evolution of your lines to handle the new bottle Whenever there’s a change in the existing line, it is important to have the new packaging on the line with the minimum downtime possible, thanks to our advanced experience the implementation of the new packaging will be quick and efficient.

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RPET & Tethered cap

Why using PET for your packaging? PET is a resistant, unbreakable and tamper evident material widely used in food & beverage industry because of its high hygiene standards and possibility to preserve organoleptic and nutritional properties of the products. Material cost is low and technologies available enable you to blow at a really low cost. Moreover, PET is 100% recyclable and also for this reason the European Union has recently introduced a new regulation to push industry players to move to the use of at least 25% of RPET by 2025 as well to the adoption of tethered cap. Sustainability and Green Packaging are now important topics for PET packaging producers and cannot be ignored, not only from a legal and compliance point of view but also from a consumer perspective.

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Switching to RPET

Here at COMPETEK we know that implementing RPET is not a decision a company can take over night. There are a lot of questions that need a proper answer. We therefore developed an RPET protocol to support our customers addressing all their doubts. It includes: Preform performance Bottle performance Process Shelf-life Legal compliance A set of procedures built on different scenarios to give a full support to all our customers.

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